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Practical Bible Teaching Tips

Using the "Hook / Book / Look / Took" Method

Are there ways to keep your students engaged and your teaching ministry from going stale? How can you teach a Bible lesson effectively so that it is both memorable and worked out in life? Are there practical Bible teaching tips which will serve both purposes?

Well, yes there are! One way is to study with an experienced master teacher and learn by observation, which is ideal. But allow me to provide you with one particular actionable pattern which you can use with any class or small group. It doesn't take much time to use and can be put into practice today. This four step process is something I picked up way back when I was in Seminary. It's a teaching methodology loosely known as "hook/book/look/took" and it is easy and effective. Here is a brief explanation:

Hook: At the outset of your lesson, use an interesting fact or parable to "hook" your class. Make sure it relates to the scripture text you're discussing, and keep it short and sweet. At the conclusion of your hook, transition with a quick description of your text (i.e. providing the background and "big idea").

Book: Secondly, read the text of the day, then expound upon it. This doesn't mean reading from a commentary; rather, read the Word of God itself and expound upon it through interesting and relevant observations, historical context and illustrations which have arisen in your personal study.

Look: Then, apply the passage to life in today's world. Show it's relevance to our day to day existence. So often, we find that people look at the Bible as good for the past, but not today. Show them how wrong they are about that.

Took: In your conclusion, give your class a "take away", something like a specific task to put into practice before the next meeting. For example, if your message is about reading the Bible, give them a few passages to read during the week. If it's about showing love, the assignment would be to work that out through a practical expression of love.

Preparing to teach a Bible class is hard work, but if in your preparation you consider each of these steps, I can guarantee that your students will be engaged and will remember your teaching for a long time. I know that the results of your study and preparation will satisfy the spiritual hunger of your class better than anything else.

For more practical Bible teaching tips like this, Glenn Brooke (Bible Teaching Coach) has prepared a complete course on teaching to change lives. I've prepared a descriptive video here:  Effective Practical Bible Teaching Tips.

by David H Peterson