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Logos Bible Software

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Logos Bible Software 3 

Logos Bible Software -So easy, it practically does your Bible study for you. Enter your passage... click... and all the references to your scripture passage are opened and ready for your study! This is state-of-the-art technology developed by LOGOS / LIBRONIX.


Logos Scholars Library 3Scholars Library 3

 The Scholar’s Library Bible software package from Logos/Libronix is more than just a “souped up” Bible software machine. Almost indescribably, it serves as a personal research assistant to any Christian scholar or serious Bible student. It can collect material from a variety of resources (bibles, articles, commentaries, magazines, etc) and generate a customized (and clickable) report directly related to your topic or passage of study. In Logos parlance, it is truly a matter of entering your topic or reference and then clicking the “Go!” button. Everything you need for comprehensive Bible study is there for you... exegesis, word studies, commentaries, dictionaries, word books as well as other books and reference works. Dig deep into the scriptures easily and quickly from the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer.

The Scholar’s Library contains over 330 Bibles / Reference titles totaling over $6100.00 in equivalent print editions! Get it here today. (SRP $629.95)



Bible Study Library 3

Logos Bible Study Library 3 It’s 21st Century Bible Study at its best! If you are a youth leader, Bible study leader, Sunday School teacher or Small Group leader, then “Bible Study Library” from Logos/Libronix is for you. With its almost 170 Bibles / Bible reference works worth almost $2800.00 in equivalent print editions, the Bible Study Library will provide you all the desktop tools you need to plumb the depths of scripture like never before. Your personal study and devotions as well as your next class lesson will be enriched and exciting.

With the Bible Study Library, you will be able to create powerful lessons for yourself and your students. The Logos / Libronix saying is... “Enter Passage - Click Go!” It’s really that simple. Take your Bible Study to the next level by searching 170 reference works, examining related articles, cohesively bringing your content into a study of your passage or topic. You can even generate a report highlighting the resources related to your specific scripture. The Bible Study Library is your tool to bring a depth of scripture to your class or small group. Get it today. (SRP $259.95)



Leaders Library 3

Logos Leaders Library 3 Designed for the Pastoral Leader, the Leader’s Library by Logos/Libronix is the most complete library of biblical and professional resources available today. Utilizing the tools in this fantastic package will allow the Christian leader to study any passage or topic quickly and easily. Over 230 Bibles / References are included which, if purchased in their printed editions, would cost over $3600.00. But the Leader’s Library will cost you only about $1.00 per reference! Can you beat that????

Here you have the “ultimate Bible study tool” for clergy leaders. As with all the Logos/Libronix products, just “Enter Passage - Click Go!” and the software will do the rest... finding all relevant resources, organizing your content and providing a variety of relevant resources directly relating to your subject of study. In addition to the powerful Bible study tools, Leader's Library also includes a number of series from the editors of Leadership Journal and Christianity Today  including: Pastor’s Soul Series, Mastering Ministry Series, Leadership Library Series, and more! (SRP $309.95  )



Christian Home Library 3

Logos Christian Home Library 3

The Christian Home Library makes it easy (and maybe even fun) to study the Bible at home, in the Christian classroom, or even with your Sunday school class. Looking to answers to those "sticky" life-related questions? Well, the Christian Home Library will help you get the most out of the scriptures, with its 68 Bible / Bible Reference works, which total almost $1200.00 in the equivalent print editions.

Think about this... with the Christian Home Library you can add additional books to your library at almost anytime you want. This means you can slowly develop a complete biblical library on your computer at will. With its "Enter Passage - Click Go!" interface, this digital software library will be the easiest and quickest Bible study you have ever done. All you have to do is type in a Bible verse reference, a topic, or anything else and click "Go!"... It's that simple. Try it, you'll like it! (SRP $149.95 )



Early Church Fathers Digital Library 
(KwikMind Version)

Early Church Fathers CD This is a comprehensive library in HTML format (this is NOT   Logos Libronix compatible) of the writings of the Early Church Fathers. It is 37 volumes of printed works on one CD. The price is only $19.95 plus shipping & handling.

  $19.95    [More Info]